1. Cheryl Koh, AJC 03/14: Thank you for being a great GP Tutor, always giving prompt feedback despite submitting late [work]. I have benefitted from your lessons.

2. Alicia Lee, RIJC 6D: [I] love the sarcasm during lessons and the info booklets with links…Thanks for being an inspiring teacher.

3. Wilson Teh, CJC 2T03: With your help, I think I will surpass my predicted grade.

4. Trifena Caroline, SAJC 15S08: I feel more confident and enlightened about GP. You have also broadened my knowledge. Thank you.

5. Tay Kai Yang, AJC 03/14: Thank you for your guidance and entertaining class.

6. Gong Yuqin, NJC 14SH13: Your lessons have been entertaining and eye-opening. I have gained a lot of new and useful points.

7. Neo Wei Yun, SRJC 2SR20: Thanks for the unwavering patience for this whole year.

8. Chua Zhi Qin, HCI 14S7A: Thank you Mr.Sharma for your guidance this past year! I hope to do you proud!

9. Nerice Ng, MI 13B2: Thank you for being so willing to extend aid and helping me with my questions after class and encouraging me when I lost my confidence to write.

10. Yang Rouhui, MI 13B2: Thank you so much for guiding me through the world of General Paper that I never knew about. I hope to do you proud with my grades! Continue to guide other students and make them laugh.

11. Leanne Lee, RIJC 6D: Thank you for teaching me for 2 years.

12. Clarence Ng, SRJC 2SR19: Thank you Mr.Sharma, you’ve been a funny and interesting teacher.

13. Jishna Bole, SRJC 2SR19: Thank you for making GP an easier subject.

14. Asher Tan, YJC 214: I feel GP has become easier after his guidance.

15. Terence Tan, YJC 216: Mr Sharma is an understanding teacher who gears students well to the examination.

16. Nicole Ong, RIJC 6D: Mr Sharma, thanks for being a great teacher…Thanks for teaching us the different methods of studying GP, it really helped! Hope you will continue to stay as a fun and loving teacher.

17. Simren Kumar, CJC 2T01: Thanks for being a rly gr8 teacher! After attending your lessons, I started having an interest towards the subject and current issues and I also started taking GP seriously.

18. Alvina Khoo, NYJC 1404: Thanks for providing great notes and explanations, as well as marking my assignments.

19. Yong Khai Sheng, NYJC 1405: Passing GP would not have been possible without you. Thank you!

20. Dylan See, SAJC 14S01: If I get an A in GP, it would be because of Mr. Sharma.

21. Meng Yue, RIJC 6E: Thank you for helping us Mr.Sharma. I got a B for GP, and Wanying got an A.

2014 Student Testimonials were lost but here is the student list

1. Karan Mirpuri – TPJC

2. Jaron Koh – VJC

3. Bryant Ong – RIJC

4. Christina Tan – CJC

5. Claudia Tan – AJC

6. Elvin Tan – HCI

7. Ezarella Panthradril – YJC

8. Gao Yuqi – RIJC

9. Isaac Ang – SAJC

10. Jaslyn Heng – ACJC

11. Jass Toh – AJC

12. Jeoquim Teo – ACJC

13. Mei Wei – CJC

14. Natalie Tan – TJC

15. Qian Wen – HCI

16. Tracy Lim – AJC

17. Yap Terong – VJC


1. Yong Woon Bin, MJC 2013: Mr Sharma makes GP entertaining and insightful at the same time. Thanks Mr. Sharma.

2. Lee Hong Jie, TJC 2013: Thanks for being an interesting GP Tutor who never fails to inspire me in every aspect.

3. Edwin Chong Yao Zhong, CJC 2T13: Thank you Mr.Sharma for being such an engaging and passionate teacher. Thanks for helping me improve my GP in such a short time.

4. Helen Han, TJC 2013: You are the best GP Tutor I have ever encountered.

5. Kimberly Koh, DHS 2013: Thank you for being such a dedicated and patient tutor. Hope to do you proud during my A level exams.

6. Jassy Teo, AJC 2013: Thank you for providing me with many perspectives towards different ways I can write an essay. I will do my best for A levels.

7. Shaun Ng Wen Xuan, CJC 2T04: Dont give up inspiring students like me.

8. Yap Ying Ying, AJC 2013: One of the best language teachers I have had.

9. Liu Zelai, AJC 2013: Excellent at invoking questions on a wide variety of issues. Great sense of humour.

10. Leroy Tan, JJC 2013: Thanks for teaching me for 2 years.

11. Philip Tan, HCI 2013: Much appreciation and thanks for the dedication and motivation. Really improved my scope of knowledge in many areas and thoroughly enjoyed learning GP.

12. Yong Ling Rong, DHS 2013: Thanks for all the advices and funny jokes. It has made learning much easier.

13. Yoon Yewon, CJC 2T04: Thank you so much for the past 1.5 years. I have learnt a lot of new things and I do feel smarter 🙂

14. Salvia Lasmono, CJC 2T04: Thank you for making the class interesting. I enjoyed attending all lessons.

15. Darryl Chong, SAJC 13S22: I have really enjoyed all the little insights you have given outside of the syllabus. You have made GP a really fun subject to learn.

16. Jiao Xinping, NJC 2013: Thank you for always helping me even after class.

17. Keith Soon, ACJC 2013: I hope to do you proud for my exams.

18. Natalie Boey, TJC 2013: Thanks Mr. Sharma. I am much better off with GP after attending your classes.

19. Matthew Woo, PJC 2013: Thank you Mr.Sharma for such in pleasent experience.

20. Charis Choo, CJC 2T30: Thank you for imparting a lot of knowledge to me over this past year.

Roshan Kumar Datta said:

We are truly impressed with the technique Mr.Sharma uses. A real dedicated professional – Roshan Kumar Datta – Teban Gardens

Carolyn Lim said:
Mr.Sharma, thank you for working with our son this whole year. Edmund always looked forward to your lessons. I am sure, with your guidance, Edmund will do well in his exams. Warm Regards – Carolyn Lim – Bt.Batok.

Osman Sulaiman said:
My son was struggling in school with GP. After attending classes with Mr. Sharma for one month, my son is now enthusiastic about GP. He has improved in his vocabulary tremendously, and writes well. Nazri enjoys going to The GP Tutor for continuing work. – Osman Sulaiman – Compassvale.

Ameir Shaa said: 03/11/2012 at 2:13 PM (UTC)
You brought my grade up from U to B in 3 short months. I cannot express my gratitude enough. I could not have done it without you. Thank you Mr.Sharma. (Ameir Shaa – SAJC 2012)

yinglin_93@hotmail.com said: 03/03/2012 at 10:35 PM (UTC)
I signed up for Mr Sharma’s GP tuition after failing to perform in GP in school. GP is a subject that cannot be prepared for just by memorizing notes as it covers a wide scope of different topics. Mr Sharma covers a variety of pet topics systematically, and diligently provides helpful articles for our references. He emphasizes the importance of analyzing essay questions and comprehension passages in order to provide thoughtful answers. As a dedicated tutor, he provides numerous practices for us to attempt at our own paces after which he would mark. Mr Sharma is always willing to meet up with us anytime to address our queries. Through his patient guidance, I managed to better grasp the techniques needed to tackle different components of the GP paper and finally achieve good results. (‘A’ Level Result: A). (Lee Ying Lin Hwa Chong 2012)

charu_etc@hotmail.com  said: 03/03/2012 at 6:02 PM (UTC)
The GP Tutor engaged me in his lessons through countless discussions about various topics of the day, such as science, technology and society, sprinkling them with his views and encouraging us to create our own opinions about them. We would discuss the controversies surrounding each topic, thereby allowing us to question our own beliefs and forcing us to take a stand on the issues of the day. Through his lessons, my knowledge of the outside world has broadened, and in addition, I have also grown as an individual, who is not afraid to express her views and ideas. Moreover, Mr Sharma’s extensive reading materials have widened my vocabulary, provided me with different perspectives and given me a glimpse into a world of ideas that I would otherwise have not been exposed to. I could not have achieved my A without the aid from Mr. Sharma – Charu Weera, 10S05, Tampines Junior College

Jessie Tang said: 02/03/2012 at 11:46 PM (UTC)
Thank you Mr.Sharma. You are a fantastic teacher. Thank you for everything (‘A’ Level Result: B). (Jessie Tang CJC 2011)

vanilla_cokes@hotmail.com said: 04/03/2011 at 10:06 PM (UTC)

Thank you Mr.Sharma for your guidance. I cannot believe I passed GP and obtained a decent grade. Thank you so much Thank you! (‘A’ Level Result: B). (Darvenia CJC 2010)

sharon_star92@hotmail.com said: 12/01/2010 at 9:35 AM (UTC).
I really love your approach towards the teaching of the subject. It’s so unlike all my gp teachers including a gp tuition teacher i had last year. Here are my comments. Majority are a comparison to the GP teachers i had.

1. There was a lot of critical thinking and discussions involved. Yes, of course i do have discussions with my other teachers, but those discussions were never as thought-provoking and they never really stretch one’s critical ability as those that we had.

2. Most teachers are very rigid in their approach, which i personally think is a serious flaw especially in GP, where personal opinions and personal voice are more important than just merely having point, elaboration, example, link. As you know, my essay used to lack personal voice. Well, of course language wasn’t a problem; within my paragraph, i had PEEL structure. But then again it’s pointless to just state your opinion, because ultimately one’s job is to CONVINCE people, and without any personal voice, can one successfully do so? Impossible. So back to my point, your lessons have helped to develop my personal voice and made me understand the meaning of ‘opinion’. In contrast to other teachers, you emphasise on personal voice rather than just structure. Well, as long as one has personal voice, automatically one’s essay will have examples to substantiate and explanation of that point yes? On the other hand, having PEEL doesnt necessarily means having personal voice in there.

3. The biggest mistake of most GP teachers is taking a rigid approach towards the teaching of the subject. Inevitably and undesirably, interest and curiosity towards GP is eroded. The aspect of critical thinking that GP aims to develop is fulfilled to just a small extent. Previously, i didnt like the subject and because of this, i lacked motivation. But somehow thanks to luck, i asked for help from you, and just within 2 lessons a spark was ignited. I began to see GP in a totally different light from how i had been viewing GP for the past 1.5years. All of a sudden, i love the subject. Yes i’m not joking. When i told a friend that my favourite subject has changed to GP, she looked at me head to toe as though in total disbelief. She was like “what! It’s so rigid, all you do is to write essay then must have point, explanation, up-to-date examples which i must memorise.” so i asked her,”is GP really just about exams?” Notice how school teachers have indirectly spoiled the really fun part in GP? Of course they’re important but then again how the hell is it possible to convince students that GP is a subject worth studying when in the first place they’re making GP seemingly a boring subject of dead facts to remember?

4. The videos were really good way in helping to develop personal voice. For me, i developed my voice mainly from watching the videos. Perhaps it could be because i’m a visual/audio learner? Or perhaps it could be because watching videos and hearing the speakers deliver their speeches so convincingly with such enthusiasm is more thought-provoking than reading speeches or writers’ point of view. Or it could be that when one watches the video, you see pictorial moving images that truly convey what’s really happening and you’ll feel more for it (well, just compare between reading historical books and watching movies of world war). i’m not so sure about the reason as well. It could plausibly be all three!

5. I mustnt forget to comment that the approach of having ‘set pieces’ is extremely useful! Firstly, it helps in time management. Secondly, it helps one to see how something can be applied to another thing.

6. You have made GP seem a much much much more manageable subject. Previously, it seemed to me that writing a good essay is an impossible dream. Well, I guess the best reason to explain this is because school teachers constantly mark us down and tell us how difficult it is to score in GP. To be very frank and direct but skeptical, my learning of the subject as well as my interest are SOLELY from the lessons we had and the result of my own hardwork. To me, GP lessons in AJC are COMPLETELY a waste of time. (oops shall i qualify this statement.. by saying… Oh hmm maybe not, hmm because.. Because they introduce us to the areas to be covered in exams, they implant the structure needed for essay in our brains, they teach us to have relevant egs, they teach us… … They teach us that GP is a dead boring subject.) yes alright so i’ve qualified my statement, as what AJC has constantly told us to do, if not we cannot score.

Anyway, to end off, i’d say that you’re an inspiring teacher. If you were to ask me the most important thing i had learnt, it’d be the maturity in thought. I’ve learnt that GP is more than just exams; the training we received from GP ie critical thinking and ‘know thyself’ are far more important. Even if it’s not for the sake of examinations, i’d still like to undergo the entire course. Regards, How Hui Shan – AJC 2010

candycane931201@yahoo.com said: 5/17/2010 4:11:36 AM (GMT)
I have learned quite a bit from Mr.Jit in a short span of 2 weeks and I can already see changes in how I write and approach the compre paper. Your effort and teaching style makes the tuition value for money. Its a little ex, but you are a pro, even more so than my teachers in school. Thanks Mr.Jit. I did good for my mid-years. Cheryl Chan

sunny3493@hotmail.com said: 4/4/2010 2:19:33 AM (GMT)
Mr.Jit – Thanks for your help. I did better than my expectation for GP. You hellped me think – its a skill which i now value. Thanks so much!  Sunny Lim – TJC’09

primetime92@hotmail.com said: 3/5/2010 10:31:33 AM (GMT)
I got a B for the GCE GP Exam! I am excited. I thought it would turn out to be a D. I can now get into the course I want at SMU. tHANKS Mr. Sharma! I could not have done it without you! Wong Wai Hin – Innova’09

Sebastian Goh said: 1/23/2010 9:04:03 AM (GMT)
Mr.Sharma, you should change your moniker from THEGPTUTOR to THEONLYGPTUTOR. I had 2 GP tutors before, but you outshine them by many levels. Thank you for always going that extra mile with me. (Sebestian Goh, Millennia Institute’09)

rin665@hotmail.com said: 1/19/2010 11:35:48 PM (GMT)
Learning from Mr Sharma was a great experience and the journey of preparing for the A levels with him was truly inspiring. In addition to the practices and notes he provides us with, the constant encouragements and feedback received during the lessons really spurred me on. So thanks for your help all this while and I’m sure you’ll go on to inspiring more students! (Rini Pek – NJC’09)

xianh@singnet.com.sg said: 1/19/2010 11:38:22 AM (GMT)
Your teaching has brought out the best in me in essay and comprehension. Not just in exam but it will serve me well in the future. Thank you. (Jin Xiang).

leoocom@hotmail.com said: 1/10/2010 5:27:57 AM (GMT)
You are the best teacher I ever had! (Leo Yang – Hwa Chong International)

m1ke91@hotmail.com said: 1/8/2010 7:57:06 AM (GMT)
Your teaching style and advices pushed me to work smart. The interesting documentary videos have broadened my perspective. I truly benefited from your warm-hearted teaching. Thank you very much! (Michael Hermantoso – SRJC’09)

Bernice Lee said: 1/7/2010 2:49:06 AM (GMT)
Your wide variety of teaching methods inspired me to learn more. Especially the quizes that you gave us at every lesson and the interesting videos that provided knowledge on various topics. The confidence you have in me was a great morale booster which I brought into the exam hall. Thank you for the countless advice. (Bernice Lee – SRJC’09)

Ernest Ng said: 1/6/2010 2:57:30 PM (GMT)
I benefited tremendously from the comprehensive and up-to-date resources that Mr Sharma had sieved out for me according to my areas of interest and specialisation. In addition, he conducted his sessions in an engaging and interactive manner that effectively equipped me with the necessary skills and strategies to excel in the subject. Mr Sharma, Thank You for your guidance and encouragement along the way!

Benjamin Ang said: 9/27/2009 1:07:20 PM (GMT)
Thank you for your persistent reminders, tips and advice. On the lesson front, great notes, dvds, and your ability to link topics and encourage students to learn to link is great.

Mohammad Adnan said: 5/19/2009 9:39:40 AM (GMT)
You hold yourself true to “Many aspire to teach, few can do it.” Your wealth of knowledge, resources and the extent you go to ensure the success of your students is amazing.

Lisa Tan said: 2/23/2009 3:39:16 AM (GMT)
Your patience and warmth is fabulous. My son can be stubborn at times, yet you always managed to get him engaged in learning. He now engages us with his GP work and we are learning at the same time. Thank you!